At PMI, we’re proud of the job we do and of the direct contribution we make to others through our services. But beyond these services, we feel that our integrity is the most important aspect of our job. We are committed to conducting business with fairness and honesty, and expect each employee to become familiar with, and follow, our Business Ethics Policies, excerpted below:

Business Conduct: Employees are expected to display good judgment and high ethical standards in their business dealings. Truthfulness and the absence of deception or fraud are expected from each employee.

Open Communication: Managers are expected to maintain a work environment that encourages open communication regarding ethical problems or situations that may be encountered.

Financial Records: Employees are expected to keep honest and accurate financial records at all times.

Conflict of Interest: Employees are expected to avoid conflicts of interest when conducting their personal business.

Confidential Information: Employees are expected not to use confidential information for personal gain. Employees cannot disclose confidential information about the Company or any of its clients to unauthorized people.

Harassment: The Company is committed to providing a work environment that is free of discrimination and harassment. In keeping with this commitment, the Company maintains a strict policy prohibiting unlawful harassment, including sexual harassment. This policy applies to all Company personnel, including officers, managers, supervisors and non-supervisory employees.

Lawful Activities: Employees will, to the best of their abilities, comply with laws, regulations, and standards of conduct that apply to the Company or its services in every jurisdiction in which the Company does business.

Please read summary information provided to our employees and contractors on PMI’s business standard of ethics guidelines.