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Clinical study management services for a wide range of medical specialties and therapeutic areas.

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Successful clinical studies require the collaborative participation and commitment of an extraordinary team of people working to achieve a complex objective over an extended period of time. At PMI, we have successfully managed acute studies as well as studies involving long-term follow-up, representing a wide range of medical specialties and therapeutic areas. We deliver professional quality work in a confidential manner, while maintaining diligence to timelines and budgets. Our goal is to be your partner in success.

Our Clinical Study Management services include:

Site Recruitment & Qualification: Identification of and contracting with motivated, well qualified study sites.

Site Training: Appropriate educational programs to facilitate project team and study staff understanding of study requirements.

Study Participant Recruitment: Planning and implementation activities to facilitate identification and recruitment of desired participant population.

Study Monitoring & Site Management: Maintenance of essential study documentation and supplies, monitoring of protocol adherence and study data   generated, and serious/unexpected adverse event tracking.