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Integrated, impartial, and expert evaluation Product Development Planning

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The global healthcare marketplace is constantly changing, which poses challenging strategic questions on a regular basis. Keeping up to date with regulatory issues, market trends, and competitor activity can be the key to success or failure of your medical business venture. At PMI, we leverage our worldwide competencies and alliances in regulatory affairs, healthcare technology, and medical market development to provide integrated, impartial, and expert evaluation to support your product development projects.

Our consulting team consists of experienced individuals who have varied backgrounds in clinical research, medical market research, market analysis, product management, and sales/marketing – from both the client and ad agency side. Based on the specific needs, we assign either a single expert consultant with years of direct industry experience in the specified market area, or organize carefully selected research teams for your project.

Our Product Development Planning Services include:

  • Market Assessments
  • Corporate Set-up and Identity
  • Market Research
  • Strategic Planning Consultation
  • Medical Product Registration